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Adoption is a journey. Whether you're a family seeking to adopt or a pregnant woman looking to make an adoption plan for your child, you need to find the path that's right for you and your family. There are many options to consider and many choices to make. After the adoption is complete, there are issues unique to parenting adopted children, to moving on as a birthparent, and to growing up as an adopted person. Our mission at Adopting.com is to help you find the information and support you need to help you all along the way.

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Dan and Alida

We admire you and the selfless decision you are making for your child. We are honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We feel it is important to tell your child about you. They will be raised knowing that your decision was one made out of love. As we give you a glimpse into our family, we hope to show you the kind of life and love we have to offer your child.

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Toll free: 844-266-8100
Independent Adoption Center

Founded in 1982, IAC is a leading National Open Adoption Agency that has placed nearly 4,000 newborns. IAC informs, supports, and guides birth and adoptive parents through the process of creating healthy new families. Professional/Licensed/Nonprofit.

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Toll free: 800-877-OPEN
Patrick & Léon

We are Patrick and Léon, a caring and loving couple from the Netherlands seeking to adopt a baby. We have been together for more than 7 years. Our thoughts are with you and we deeply respect the challenging decision you are making to look for what is best for you and your child. Our promise to you is to deeply love, protect and care for your child.

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Call our Attorney toll free: 1-800-582-3678
African Cradle, Inc.

African Cradle is a licensed adoption agency specializing in pre- and post-adoptive counseling, education and cultural enrichment for families of children of African descent. homestudy services throughout California for both domestic and international adoptions. Annual Ethiopian Heritage Camp in California.

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2672 Bayshore Pky, #1000
Mountain View, CA 94043
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Phone: 650-461-9192
Adoptive Families Magazine

Nation's leading adoption magazine provides independent, practical information on adopting and raising healthy, happy children. See the Adoptive Families website for recent articles, a database of adoption agency and attorney programs and how-to-adopt overview.

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39 West 37th Street
15th Floor
New York, NY 10018
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Phone: 646-366-0830
Subscription: 800-372-3300
Fax: 646-366-0842

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